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  • Successful workshop at EUROCONTROL HQ

    October 23, 2017

    Brussels, Belgium

    The COMPAIR project successfully held its second workshop in Brussels EUROCONTROL HQ. The invited participants have provided valuable contribution during the lively discussion of the presented project results.

    Workshop report 

    To obtain the presentations of the workshop please contact Dr. Eef Delhaye eef.delhaye@tmleuven.be

  • COMPAIR Workshop Agenda

    October 20, 2017

    Brussels, Belgium

    The COMPAIR workshop was held at EUROCONTROL HQ (Rue de la Fusée, 96 1130 Bruxelles (Haren)) on 20th October from 10:00 to 16:00.

    You can download the Agenda from here:





  • Compair project: Successful meeting in Antwerp

    July 4, 2017
    Antwerp, Belgium

    Antwerp, Belgium

    The COMPAIR project held its meeting in Antwerp on the 4th of July. The consortium reviewed the progress of the project and the plans for the upcoming Advisory Board workshop - and at the same time - consortium focused on the next steps to be taken in WP4.

  • Upcoming publications

    The COMPAIR consortium will present some of their work at the following events:


    Downloadable materials will be coming soon, please check out the details here.

  • Compair project: Successful workshop in Madrid

    March 7, 2017
    Melior Business Center

    Madrid, Spain

    COMPAIR Consortium has successfully organized its first workshop what was held in Madrid on the 7th March. The main objectives of the workshop were to present the progress that the project has achieved in the past period and to receive feedbacks from the experts that attended.

    The workshop was attended by experts from seven European countries representing research organizations (EUROCONTROL), ANSPs (Belgocontrol, Skyguide, FERRONats, Hungarocontrol) universities (University of Belgrade, Westminster University, Worms University of Applied Sciences), and the project officers representing SESAR JU.

    The event ended on a high note with participants highly appreciating the efforts of organizers. On the other hand, the consortium members greatly valued the knowledge and feedbacks provided by the participated experts. The collected feedback will boost the work of the project by a considerable amount. The following day the consortium had a progress meeting where the parties evaluated the workshop results and decided next steps and directions.

    You can download the presentations of the workshop at the following link.

    Workshop report

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