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  • COMPAIR on 8th SESAR Innovation Days in Salzburg

    4th of December

    Salzburg, Austria

    Nicole Adler was delivering a presentation at the 8th SESAR Innovation Days in Salzburg on the 4th of December. The presentation "Game Theory and Transportation Markets: overcoming regulatory failure" represented the economics aspects at the conference. The presentation and the paper built on the results of the COMPAIR project.

  • Article on CORDIS

    New article presenting COMPAIR results was published on the CORDIS website https://cordis.europa.eu/result/rcn/231209_en.html titled “Competition for air traffic management” with the subtitle “Technological changes undermine the former necessity for air traffic management (ATM) monopolies. Opening the market to competition may be worthwhile.” That subtitle poses an interesting question that the COMPAIR project research was dealing with.

  • Article on Air Traffic Management Net

    A short article about the COMPAIR project was  published on  Air Traffic Management Net  (https://airtrafficmanagement.keypublishing.com/2018/06/compair-contrast/). The article describes the current situation in the ATM domain and the various ways of decreasing fragmentation, achieving higher efficiency and reducing costs that were researched and proposed by the COMPAIR project. 

  • ACI Europe presentation

    Roland Guraly, general manager of Slot Consulting will deliver a presentation on the Compair project at an ACI Europe – SESAR workshop on the 12th of April in Malta. Please visit the website of the event for more information: http://www.sesarju.eu/node/2989

  • Meeting with DG Move

    25 January 2018

    Brussels, Belgium

    The COMPAIR consortium together with the project officers from the SJU met the experts from DG Move in the afternoon of the 25th of January. The meeting was initiated by the project to understand what are the forthcoming measures to be made to initiate more competition in the field of air navigation. The consortium presented its results, including the calculation how much benefits more competition would bring the European economy. More should be done in this field and proper actions as a result of meeting with DG move.

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